Can You Machine Wash hey Dude Shoes or Not? 8 Tips | 2022

Can you machine wash hey dude shoes? Yes, You can wash hey dude in the washing machine but washing procedures are just offered as a recommendation. After a machine wash, shoes are no longer eligible for returns or warranties. Regularly cleaning your hey dude shoes will prevent dirt and grime from building up in the fabric. Whether they are leather or canvas (or another material), washing your shoes can help keep them fresher for longer.

It will also prevent smells that you may not realize until the smell becomes too much! Keep reading for more information on how to wash shoes in the washing machine properly.

What shoes can go in the washing machine?

Elements like polyester, cotton, and nylon are safe to wash in a washing machine because they are durable and robus. If you visit Amazon and luckily, you will see the hey dude is the machine washable mentioned in the product description.

Here are some tips for washing the perfect pair and getting ready for the wash.

Washing shoes in the washing machine is a great way to clean your favorite kicks without subjecting them to harsh chemicals. 

  1. Wave out dirt or debris that may be stuck inside the boot.
  2. Remove laces and wash separately.
  3. Remove insoles if they are removable.
  4. Remove all mud.
  5. Take a look in and out the shoes; if they have damage somewhere, go to the cobbler first.

What You Need:

The process is so easy you don’t have to go out and buy special cleaning products or brushes. You can do it all with an appliance that most homes already have. 

  • A washing machine
  • Dirty shoes!
  • Mesh bag (if not, the pillowcase will work as well)
  • An old toothbrush
  • Baking soda
  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Toothpick
  • Some towels

Step 1: Read the instructions Label

Please read the instructions labels carefully and follow all precautions for safe-washing. Materials like polyester, cotton, or nylon are safe for machine wash without any risk of damage. You should always put your hey dude shoes in a wash bag or pillowcase before washing them.

It’s essential to use good laundry detergent, and the Surf Excel Matic Liquid is especially for machine wash. The liquid doesn’t leave any residue as the powder does, so this will keep everything clean!

Step 2: Unlaces your pair

If you want to make sure your shoes are clean, remove the detachable parts first. You should also wash them separately as they might not get entirely clean if washed with shoes.

Step: Wash shoelaces

Mix a teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent in 1 cup water or as much as you need. Once the solution is ready, put your shoelaces in it and wait 1 hour. after an hour, wash them with your hand, you’ll see your shoelaces are neat and clean.

Step 3: Remove dust particles

The Next Step is to use a toothpick to remove mud, dust particles in deep points and soles. Clean carefully, brush your shoes before putting them in that machine; otherwise, the water will get dirty.

Step 6: put your shoes in a wash bag

Put your pair in a wash bag (that may be a mash) bag to prevent tangling with each other. If you notice shoes are unbalanced in the machine, then put some old pieces of towels.

Step 7: Washing Machine Setting

Washing shoes in the washing machine is a pretty straightforward process once you know how to do it. After prepping all your supplies, you are ready to get started! Make sure to utilize cold water instead of warm, and set the machine on a gentle cycle. If you use powder detergent, it will get stuck in the machine, so use the liquid.

Step 8: Air Dry Your Shoes

Once the washing process is complete, then think about drying. Please don’t try to dry them in unnatural methods like the dryer, direct sunlight, etc. firstly, create bolls of some paper and put them into the shoes, and it will absorb most of the water. Your shoes can take many days to dry according to the material.

You can use a dryer but with some techniques, let me show you,  first wrap your pair in the clothes and run the dryer. But I do not recommend damaging your favorite kick if you overdo it.

Can Hey dude insoles be washed?

Yes, you can wash hey dude insoles, but try to wash them separately. First, remove laces and insoles and wash them with dishwashing detergent with your hands, not the machine.

Do hey dude shoes shrink when washed?

Yes, the risk is there, but don’t worry about it if you wash them in cold water with liquid detergent. And washing shoes in the machine in delicate mode.


That was the guide! The method is just for information purposes; you may lose a warranty if you wash your shoes in a washing machine. I ensure you find this article best if you follow it as we create it.

Would you please read the shoe instruction label before you go to wash them in any washer? Keep in mind that you put shoes in a mesh bag to protect them from breaking by tangling each other.

Once finished reading this article, if you still have questions, ask below! I’ll try my best to answer them for everyone else who has the question.

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