How to clean non removable insoles?

How to clean non removable insoles

Do you have a pair of shoes with an insole that cannot be removed? You don’t need to throw away your favorite kicks! With these easy steps, you’ll be able to clean them and keep the insoles intact. The only thing you’ll need is a toothbrush, dish soap, and a bowl of water. Cleaning your … Read more

How To Wash Hey Dude Insoles? 4 Quick Methods

How to Wash Hey Dude insoles

Insoles are vital in providing comfort and warmth to the feet, even inside the shoes. So in this aspect, its safety and cleanliness are very important factors to care about. But hey dude insoles are made of 100% recycled fiber So it might require high cleaning action. I will teach you how to wash the Hey dude insoles that … Read more