Secrets You Will Never Know About How Do You Wash Hey Dudes?

Shoes are worn to provide a comfortable, easy service to shoes. The most recognized shoe company fills this need. But wearing one can’t do anything; you have to maintain the sustaining and comfortability of the shoes in the same way they are bought.

In this regard, the most general activity that can be performed is the washing activity, but everyone is not aware of its major steps to control the washing aspect of the hey dude shoes or how do you wash hey dudes?

Various versatile ways have been deduced in studies about the washing factor of the shoes, but people are confused about choosing the most precise one accordingly. Here we are elaborating the facts about how you wash hey dudes? In detail for your convenience if you have chosen the hey dude shoe piece.

How do you wash hey dudes?

Washing the hey dude is not that tough, but it still requires certain facts and informative references that need to follow; the biggest advantage that the hey dude holds is that they are washable, and there will be no change after procession if the shoes are in the water.

Most of all, you are fully allowed to wash it in the twirls of the washing machine. Hey dude shoes can be washed completely in the swings of the washing machine. Moreover, they are also exposed to the hand wash activity. 

Let’s discuss how it can be washed inside a washing machine because, most commonly, shoes are washable but restricted for washing exposure. Still, there appears no restriction for washing exposure in the case of hey dude shoes and insoles.

Washing activity in the machine

How Do You Wash Hey Dudes

In case if you are subjecting your hey dude shoe pair to the washing machine, then what are the steps you have to ensure for their right washing activity. This aspect is most closely related to the main topic; how do you wash hey dudes?

So for the first and foremost activity, you have to separate the laces and insoles from the shoes to ensure a complete and thorough cleaning action. Along with the shoes, put the laces and insoles inside the machine swing also.

If the laces are not removed, then the laces might get tangled and make the twirling process quite unreliable. 

The best washing combo package for these hey dude insoles is the mixture of detergent/soap and pure and clean water. So after putting the shoe Inside the machine, add a small concentration of any reliable detergent to create a sense of smog in it. 

The detergent will wash it concisely and completely. One aspect to note about washing machine cleaning is that you use a liquid detergent as it gets diffused in the water more easily than the powdered form. 

The washing process of the machine will begin; make sure the setting of the washing machine also. Adjust the machine setting on delicate and most lower cycles. This cycle range will not let our shoes get wrapped and any other uncertain molding aspects.

It is highly required to ensure the longevity factor of the hey dude shoes. After completing the cycle, remove the shoes, laces, and insoles out from the machine and wash them thoroughly with pure and clean water.

Wash it comprehensively and make sure no detergent is left far behind in the inside structure of the shoes. After this, the major aspect that is highly considered in the washing action of the shoes is its drying factor.

As they are allowed to be washed in the machines, many people might think that the might will also be reliable in use for them. This is not that true because the dryer is not compatible with its drying action. After all, it can not remove all the moisture out of it properly.

Thus they are exposed to the air-dry method, in which the shoes are exposed to the natural air; in this stance, they are hanged for a certain period, after which they have completed their washing activity. 

One thing to have attention to here is not putting them in the direct sunlight or rays of the drying action because the rays might contain the UV-rays that can be hazardous for the fabric that the hey dude shoes have most of the time.

What kind of water is reliable for washing hey dude?

The hey dude shoes have no serious concerns with the hot water, but for the longevity factor and its preserving, it is swap to use cold tap water for the precise cleaning action of the hey dude shoes

Can the hey dude be soaked in water?

Soaking shoes in the soap and water solution is not that bad, but leaving them in the solution is bad. If you have them in the water and soap solution for a longer period, it will start damaging the fabric and texture as it becomes fragile on long-term exposure to water. Read the article can I wear socks with hey dudes?

The final verdict

Pure water is the best option available to wash the hey dye shoes, using alcohol sprays or other chemical liquids of the market. Moreover, when you are concerned about; how do you wash hey dudes? Then it would be best if you put all the delicate aspects regarding the texture and fabric of the shoes in front.

Here in this article, we tried to present the most general way of washing. Hope you came to know about the basic washing methods that will surely help you if you are dealing with a pair of hey dude shoes.

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