Ultimate Guide How To Get Cat Urine Out of ugg Boots

It’s happened to all of us: you’re walking around in your favorite pair of boots, and before you know it, your cat has urinated on them.

Cat urine is one of the most challenging things to remove from clothing or footwear, but you can get those boots looking new again with a few simple steps.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of Guide How To Get Cat Urine Out of ugg Boots.

Here are the 5 Steps to remove cat urine from ugg boots.

1: Blot the urine with paper towels.

Start by blotting any excess or “wet” urine on your boots with paper towels. You don’t want to rub the urine into the leather, as it could discolor or damage the material. It may also cause a larger stain to form, challenging to remove.

2: Mix 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water in a spray bottle.

Next, mix one-part white vinegar with two parts water in a spray bottle, and lightly mist the paper towel to dampen it. Vinegar is acidic, so it will help neutralize ammonia (the chemical in cat urine that causes its distinct odor).

3: Apply baking soda to absorb excess moisture.

Once you’ve gotten most of the excess liquid off of your boots, apply a liberal amount of baking soda to soak up any additional moisture on the leather’s surface. It may take some time for the baking soda to completely dry — wait 30-45 minutes before moving on to step 4.

4: Scrub away remaining stains with toothpaste.

Finally, if there are still visible stains on your ugg boots after letting them dry completely, you may be able to scrub them away with non-gel toothpaste and a toothbrush. If desired, mix baking soda with water until it forms a paste, and apply it to the leather with the toothbrush before using the toothpaste.

5: Dry the boots.

Once all of the stains are gone, let your boots dry overnight or longer; then brush off any remaining baking soda residue and enjoy!

How to Get Cat Pee Out of leather boots

Many shoes and boots are made of leather, which can be easily damaged by cat urine. Getting rid of the smell is the first step in restoring your boots.

What you’ll need:

1.) Rub the vinegar-water mixture into the leather with a clean cloth. Make sure you avoid any areas that have holes in the material. Use your fingers or other tools for working into crevices or grooves. This step will remove dirt, grime, and stains.

2.) Allow the vinegar mixture to sit for a few minutes before wiping it away with another damp cloth. You might want to use a solution of half water and half vodka instead, as this can help to neutralize the cat urine scent without damaging your boots.

3.) Fill up a bowl with warm water. Dip in another clean cloth, then wring out the excess moisture. Rub the damp material over the surface of your shoes or boots. The idea is to use enough moisture that you can feel some dampness on the leather itself, but not so much that there’s standing liquid on them.

4.) Blot away any access moisture using dry paper towels—work from the outside in, careful not to spread the moisture around.

5.) Let your boots air dry for a few hours. If possible, leave them outside, where they will get plenty of fresh air and sunlight until they’re completely dry. If this isn’t possible, set up fans (and dehumidifiers if necessary) near the boots to help them dry out quickly.

6.) Keep your shoes in an area where they’re protected from cat urine and staining, such as on a shelf or inside a closed cabinet.

Final Words

After following these steps, your boots should know How To Get Cat Urine Out of ugg Boots. Be sure to read the guide and follow all of the steps in order, and your boots should look nearly brand new when you’re done.

Remember, if all else fails, there are still a few commercial products on the market that are specially designed to remove cat urine from almost any surface.

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