4 Quick Tips Regarding How To Wash Hey Dude Insoles – 2022

Insoles play a vital role in providing the comfort-ability and warmth to the feet, even inside the shoes. So in this aspect, its safety and cleanliness are very important factors to care about. Hey, dude insoles are made up of 100% recycled fiber. So it might require high cleaning action.

In this regard, many people question how to wash Hey dude insoles and how long do insoles last? Washing and replacing are the two activities that you can perform if they get out of work. Replacement is only accepted if the insoles get distorted and toured incomplete.

Otherwise, a minor issue can be resolved by the washing activity. Washing can remove all the dust and dirt along with all the unpleasant odors.

It is the major aspect of writing his article. In the following section of writing, we would like to explain all the washing facts and instructions that will help you out if you are suffering from untidy hey dude insoles. Let furtherly clarify the topic in detail below.

How to wash hey dude insoles?

It is very necessary to clean your shoe insoles because it can create unpleasant and an unwanted odor that presents a very bad gesture of yours in front of others. For some people washing the insoles is a great activity of fuss as they are unaware of the right method, but once they get to know about the entire set of instructions about hey dude insoles? 

How to Wash Hey Dude insoles

Then it would not be that hard anymore for them. Right washing activity of the insoles will let you be free from all kinds of dirt, dust, and most of all, the unwanted bad aroma of the sweat and other moisture from the insoles.

Most commonly, the insoles of hey dude are interchangeable and removable. It provides you with enough facility to get out of the shoes, and thus you can easily wash them out for further cleaning activity.

There are various homemade and professional methods available to wash the hey dude insoles let’s have a look over them.

1: Scrubbing

Hey dude insole wash by Scrubbing

In this scrubbing method, the insoles are cleaned and scrubbed to remove dirt and debris with the help of soap and water. Water is treated without any additives because, with soap, clean and pure tap water is the best combination to remove the dirt and the smell that dirty insoles hold.

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After removing the insoles, dip them in soap and mild hot water. You can even use any other detergent approach other than soap. After dipping it in water for some time, take a scrubbing brush and keep brushing the insoles in a precise circular manner until all the debris particles have been removed.

Then wash it with clean water and let it dry thoroughly. You have to ensure that the insoles are completely dried before they get back in the hoes. Otherwise, it might create uncertainty.

Soap for Cleaning Your Hey dude shoes

2: Disinfection method

water in bowl for Disinfection insoles

It is another method that people use to answer the question; How to wash hey dude insoles? It is a disinfection method, so it is very obvious that it involves the influence of some disinfectants. If not, then there might be the introduction of vinegar in it to a small extent.

In this method, the experts advised dipping the interchangeable insoles of the Hey dude in an equal proportion of water or vinegar (might be any other disinfectant). The dipping action should be prolonged up to almost 3-hours.

After which, the insoles are removed and washed with pure and clean water. Then leave the insoles on any clothesline or even on the dish drainer for the excellent compatibility of drying action.

3: Deodorizing

Deodorizing insoles

Deodorizing is a kind of dry-cleaning activity that is certainly performed for the smell-removing activity of the insoles. It is preferred in this case if you do not want to expose your insoles to water due to any fabric or other uncertainty.

4: Alcohol cleaning

It is one of the easiest and most time-saving methods to clean or wash the insoles. In this method, equal amounts of alcohol and water are mixed, and spray material is prepared in a bottle. After shaking the alcohol and water well in the bottle, remove the insoles from the shoes, and spray the water mixture over it finely.

As the mixture contains alcohol that will dry out in no time, leaving the water behind. Then put our insoles in the air until the water dries.

These all are the most general way of washing or cleaning the hey dude insoles. Like the removable insoles, there are various methods to wash even the non-removable insoles inside the shoes.

The final verdict

Hey dude, shoes can be wear-on without the insoles, but the addition of insoles adds more to the comfort-ability and service of shoes. Its insertion inside the shoes lifts you to a great extent with its benefits.

Along with its usage and benefits, you need to be aware of its cleaning and washing activity. So in this stance, the people who ask about; How to wash hey dude insoles? Is it the right site for study? The article explained above is highly concise and reliable for general washing information of hey dude insoles.

Before and after hey dude insole after cleaning

Hey dude insoles are water-friendly; what is the best way to wash them?

Hey, dude insoles are not only interchangeable but also washable. But one of the only and most reliable ways to wash them is by using soap or water solution because it would not have any harsh effect on the structure of the insoles.

Do hey dude insoles shrink after wash?

Hey, dude insoles are made to fit according to the size of the shoe. There seems to be a shrinking issue with them even on the wash with hot or cold water, as it has the moisture absorption ability and absorbs the sweat of feet. So it does not have any shrinking issues.

Can you dry the hey dude insoles in the dryer?

The complete drying activity of insoles is tremendous for its concise reusing activity. So it can be dried in the open air, and even a dryer can be used for this action. But after the drying activity of the dryer, expose it to the open air for almost 5-7 minutes.

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