Rockport Vs Merrell Comparison: Which One is Better?

Do you ever feel torn between two shoes? Do you like the style of one, but the comfort of another? Well, that’s how I felt when choosing between Rockport Vs Merrell shoes. Both brands are known for their quality and comfort, so it was hard to decide which was right for me.

In the end, I chose Rockport because of its versatile style options. If you’re stuck in a similar dilemma, keep reading to learn more about the differences between Rockport and Merrell shoes!

Rockport’s designs are more versatile.

One of the first things I noticed about Rockport is its diversity of style. They have dress shoes, boots, sandals, casuals… you name it! You can wear all of them with different types of clothing.

For instance, if you want to go out dancing one night, no problem! Just throw on a pair of black dress dance shoes, and you’re ready.

Want to go out for a jog? Then grab your running shoes and hit the road. I love jerseys, so I can’t wait to wear my Rockport athletic sneakers with a sports ensemble.

Rockport’s selections include athleisure shoes.

In addition to the various style options Rockport offers, they also have a collection of athletic shoes! The line is called Motion Go, and it’s designed with comfort in mind. It includes sneakers, cross trainers, and sports sandals to run or go out for a walk.

Rockport has a wider selection than Merrell.

As you can see, Rockport has many more style options than Merrell. This is likely because they have been around longer and have had time to build up their reputation in the shoe industry. Their designs range from dress shoes to casuals, athletic kicks, and everything in between! Additionally, they offer a wider selection.

Merrell has more of a particular style of sneaker.

While Rockport’s shoes are mostly casual, Merrell specializes in outdoor performance shoes. Their designs are built for hiking, running on trails, or even outdoors! They have sneakers with rock plates, insoles that create compression to your feet, and outsoles for grip.

Merrell’s shoes are built to handle outdoor activities.

Merrell is the type of brand you buy if you plan on doing any intense physical activity. They specialize in athleisure shoes that can take a beating while keeping your feet comfortable and supported. In this regard, their designs are similar to Rockport’s Motion Go collection but focus on outdoor-specific activities.

Top 3 Merrell shoes

According to my foot type and style preferences, the top 3 Merrell shoes for me would be:

1: Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof

This shoe has high ratings and is waterproof, perfect for everyday use in the winter! My feet are wide, so the M Select™ DRY technology would keep them from getting too sweaty in the winter. If necessary, the mid-cut and ankle support could help protect my feet from the cold and snow.

2: Merrell Jungle Moc

The Merrell Jungle Moc is a slip-on style with elastic gore insets and a back pull tab. The uppers are made from either suede pigskin or textile materials. The molded foam insole offers light underfoot plush.

3: Merrell Bravada

The Merrell Bravada is a casual walking shoe that will keep your feet comfortable and cushioned throughout the day. This slip-on shoe features an EVA midsole and rubber outsole for stability, comfort, and traction on any terrain.

The removable Kinetic Fit™ base contoured insole gives you flexible support where you need it most. The Comfort collar reduces hot spots while you’re on the move.

Top 3 Rockport shoes

Here are the top 3 Rockports shoes. If you are looking for a new shoe to buy this summer, make sure to keep these three in mind.

1: Rockport Men’s Perth Mocassins

Rockport Men’s Perth Mocassins are a classic slip-on style with a modern update. The shoes are full-grain leather and feature an EVA footbed, heel cup, and rubber outsole. They are hand-sewn for quality construction and have a commercial tone of voice.

2: Rockport Men’s M7100 Milprowalker

Rockport’s Men’s M7100 Milprowalker is a genuine leather shoe perfect for all-day comfort. The footbed conforms to the shape of your feet and provides a personalized fit, while the rubber sole ensures durability and traction.

3: Rockport Men’s Northfield Oxford

Rockport’s Northfield Oxford is a sleek and stylish men’s dress shoe made of 100% leather. This lace-up oxford has a rubber sole and heel measuring 1.5″, making it perfect for work or formal occasions.

The Northfield Oxford is also imported, ensuring that you’ll receive a quality product.


Since I plan on being active, I chose Merrell over Rockport because their shoes are designed for running and hiking. But if you’re looking to flex your sartorial muscles, then go with the versatile designs of Rockport! You can’t go wrong with either brand, so focus on what you plan to do most and make your decision based on that criteria.

That’s all for now! I hope you found this article helpful, but if you have any other questions about the differences between Rockport and Merrell shoes, feel free to leave a comment below! Also, please share this article with your friends on social media.

Are Merrell shoes good for running?

YES! Merrells are great for both running and walking, so if you’re an active person looking for quality footwear, you can’t go wrong with Merrell. They have sneakers for running trails, walking around the city, or even just being comfortable at home!

What are main differences Rockport vs Merrell?

Rockport shoes are designed with style in mind, while Merrells are for sports and outdoor activities. Rockport’s designs are more versatile than Merrell’s, so Rockport can accommodate that need if you want to wear dress shoes or athletic sneakers. However, Merrell has a more narrow focus and specializes in athleisure shoes.

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