Technological factors affecting the footwear industry

Technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives in today’s society. It has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, including the footwear industry. Several technical factors have significantly impacted the footwear industry in recent years.

This blog post will explore technological factors affecting the footwear industry.

We will also discuss how these factors have impacted shoe retailers and consumers alike. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is the difference between smart shoes?

Some key factors that differentiate smart shoes from regular shoes include:

  1. These shoes can communicate with mobile devices such as smartphones.
  2. A wide range of capabilities such as GPS tracking, augmented reality applications and mobile payments.
  3. The ability to keep track of fitness statistics such as speed, distance, and time.
  4. The ability to monitor the conditions of the shoes, such as temperature and moisture levels.

The use of technology in the footwear industry will continue to grow and evolve. While this is an exciting prospect for many shoe retailers, consumers can expect to see prices begin to go up as the use of technology becomes more widespread.

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Technological factors affecting the footwear industry

The use of technology in footwear construction has significantly affected how shoes are designed today. Compared to the past, modern footwear is being manufactured to last much longer, require less maintenance, and be constructed using superior materials.

The use of technology in footwear construction has influenced the footwear market in a few key ways.

For one, technology has allowed footwear companies to incorporate advanced materials into their designs that may not have been available in the past. For example, footwear manufacturers are now integrating graphene into their shoes.

Graphene is an extremely lightweight material that is more durable than carbon fibre, steel, or even titanium. With its wide range of unique properties, this material can make footwear lighter and more durable footwear created using traditional materials.

Wearable Smart Shoes Become The Norm?

Today, wearable technology is an integral part of our society. It has become so widespread that it has infiltrated almost every aspect of everyday life. So, it was only a matter of time before wearable technology entered the footwear industry.

In this ever-growing technological world, we are beginning to see smart shoes appear on the market. These smart shoes will connect and interact with mobile devices through Bluetooth technology.

How safe are these shoes if they’re connected to devices wirelessly?

smart Bluetooth running shoes

One topic of concern when it comes to smart shoes is security. If these devices can connect wirelessly, how safe are they if the connection is not secured correctly? Wireless technology is already becoming a prime target for cyber-attacks in today’s world. With smart shoes being able to connect wirelessly, the risk of cyber-attacks only increases.

We should expect that this security concern will be resolved in future products. There are currently multiple companies developing smart shoes that will be connected using wearable technology. As the industry grows, we should see security features become standard in smart shoes.

Another consideration for many consumers is the price of these devices. There will be a higher cost associated with the initial purchase as with any new technology. While smart shoes are not yet familiar, it is expected that they will become increasingly popular in the future. Technological factors affecting the footwear industry are changing quickly and smart shoes are on the rise.

Best 5 Smart Shoes Available In 2022

Best 5 Smart Shoes Available In 2022

1: Nike Hyper-adapt 1.0

Nike Hyper-adapt 1.0 mix the adaptive lacing technology with the power-lacing system to give you a snug fit every time.

2: HOVR Phantom

HOVR Phantom is the first smart shoe to offer real-time data of their running activity. HOVR Phantom will give its users the ability to control their smart devices using its in-built operating system.

3: Digitsole

They say that the best is yet to come, and Digitsole has proven it with their smart shoe. The Digitsole smart shoe is equipped with an in-built heating system to keep your feet warm all day long.

4: Altra Torin IQ

The Altra Torin IQ is the world’s first smart shoe with in-built foot-health tracking technology.

5: Xiaomi MiJia Smart Shoes

They are the world’s first smart shoes that track your fitness activity. It is designed to support both iOS and Android platforms.


The footwear industry is changing rapidly due to the emergence of new technologies. From 3D printing, virtual reality and augmented realities, wearable tech, drones – there are an infinite number of ways that Technological factors affecting the footwear industry.

New companies are popping up worldwide every day to take on the footwear industry and strive for new heights. I hope you have learned from this article and have a basic understanding of the different technologies.

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