What Materials Are Used to Make Converse Shoes?

There’s no question that Converse shoes are popular – but what materials are used to make them? In this blog post, we’ll look at the different materials used in various styles of Converse shoes. We’ll also discuss how each material contributes to the overall look and feel of the shoe. So, if you’re curious about what goes into a pair of Converse, read on What materials are used to make Converse shoes!

About Converse shoes

Converse shoes are casual athletic footwear manufactured by Converse, a division of Nike. These shoes are trendy, with millions of pairs sold every year. 

What materials are used to make Converse shoes?

This is a great question. Converse shoes are made using many different materials, which include some of the following:


Canvas makes many classic Converse shoes, such as the Chuck Taylor and All-Star styles. These soft and flexible shoes feature a lightweight canvas upper and a vulcanized rubber sole, making them highly comfortable to wear all day – which is precisely why so many people love them.


Rubber is also used to make some Converse shoes, including the All-Star cutouts and the Chuck Taylor high tops. What’s excellent about rubber because it’s durable and provides excellent grip to the bottom of the shoe, which is ideal when performing athletic activities such as basketball or running.

What’s more, rubber is easy to clean and typically very long-lasting – meaning your shoes will stay looking great for ages.

Synthetic dye

Synthetic dye is a man-made material used to colour shoes in various styles, including Converse. What’s excellent about synthetic dye is that it’s tough and makes for a very durable finish, meaning the colour of your shoes will stay looking great for much longer than if you were to use a natural dye.

Metal eyelets

Metal eyelets are used in shoes for shoelaces because they are stronger materials. What’s more, they can be made in various colours to match different styles of shoes and laces. They also stand up well to daily wear and tear on a pair of shoes.

What’s more, metal eyelets are good at keeping the laces in place once they’ve been tied. Metal eyelets are an integral part of many different styles of Converse shoes.

What are the different types of Converse shoes?

There are many different types of Converse shoes, which include the following:

  1. Chuck Taylor All Star shoes
  2. Chuck Taylor All Star high tops
  3. Chuck Taylor All Star cutouts
  4. One Star shoes
  5. Jack Purcell shoes

Chuck Taylor All Star shoes

Chuck Taylor All Star shoes

The Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes have been classic for many years. These shoes are also known for their high degree of flexibility. They’re very lightweight and suitable for wearing with jeans or casual wear.

Chuck Taylor All Star high tops

The Chuck Taylor All-Star high top shoes are very similar to the regular version of these shoes but have a higher rubber cuff around the ankle. This makes them more suitable for playing sports, such as basketball. While these shoes are different from other Converse styles, they’re still quite flexible and lightweight.

Chuck Taylor All Star cutouts

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star cut out shoes has a distinctive style that’s bold and eye-catching. These shoes have been crafted from a soft canvas material, which is then cut out to create an interesting design pattern that looks exceptionally superb when worn with jeans or other casual wear.

One Star shoes

One Star shoes

One Star shoes are a funky spin on Converse footwear. They’re made from a soft and flexible canvas upper, as well as a rubber outsole for increased durability and grip. One Star shoes are ideal for wearing with jeans, casual wear or during active sports.

Jack Purcell shoes

Jack Purcell shoes are flexible, lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Like many Converse styles, Jack Purcells feature a rubber sole.

What are the best ways to clean Converse shoes?

There are many different ways to clean Converse shoes, including the following:

  1. Some people like to use baby wipes to clean their Converse shoes, as they are soft and gentle on the material.
  2. Some people also want to use a damp washcloth with soap to wash their Converse shoes.
  3. People who don’t like just to use water to clean their shoes can also use a little bit of vinegar mixed with warm water.

How can I tell if my Converse shoes are fake?

There are many different signs that your Converse shoes may be fake, such as:

There’s a difference in the overall quality of your shoes. For example, they may look shoddy or lack flexibility.

The details on your shoes are not correct. For example, the rubber soles may have the wrong star logo, or a stitching error may be visible on the outside of your shoes.

Your shoes look nothing like pictures of genuine Converse shoes online. For example, there may be no visible “CONVERSE All Star” logo on the back of your shoes.

Final verdict

Please Note: Despite these signs, you may still have some genuine Converse shoes that are fake. This is okay as long as you’re aware of the difference in quality.

This way, you can buy a pair of fake Converse shoes that are good enough for your needs, but you won’t have to worry about accidentally wasting money on a more expensive pair of genuine Converse shoes.

Please Note: You can also tell if your Converse shoes are fake by looking at the price. If your shoes appear to be priced much lower than other pairs of Converse shoes on sale, then they may be fake.

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